couch house; weatherford, ok
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The EGB Group is dedicated to encompass the full scale of services to those in need of architecture and engineering.

The group  specializes in architecture, interiors, surveys, engineering, construction, planning and vizualization.

We are dedicated to you and your vision. Providing you with a site, building, and design that meets your needs.

grey snow eagle house site plan

This is used as the basis of design for your project and further planning. Its a critical step, and one that is provided as a standard service for every job.

Our team at EGB Architects, BBK A&E and Grace X Consulting work to provide the best design to suit your needs and will take into account your time and budgetary constraints. 

our expertise | YOUR DESIGN
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Our surveying group, Monty Vann Consulting is the picture of discression and professionalism, able to provide you with a precise picture of the existing conditions on the site for renovation or new construction.

Our architects and engineers at BBK A&E will meet with you and your team to determine the specific needs of your project. They ask you questions that even you may not have thought of.

couch house; weatherford, ok